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As you can see she's not much of a writer....

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Mostly links for my reference. Although if anyone else has been talking to Tim you might find this useful.

Fuyu are the type I have, and the readily available type in australia. Either the ones I had weren't ripe yet, or they store a lot longer than 3 days at room temperature, more like 10 days. They freeze well.

Persimon cookies - 2 persimons pureed

Persimon paste - 1kg of puree (no pectin added)
Persimon Jam - 4 cups of  pulp (8 persimons) (pectin)
Persimon Chutney - 12 persimons (also bundt cake and rice pudding, not that  Iplan to try those)

Persimon tart (flip & caramelise) - 2 persimons

Rocket & Procuto wrapped persimon salad
- 2 persimons - must buy proscuto!

None of these recipies made yet, but pulp frozen and a make it up as I go along persimon tart made.

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Hi Melbournians,

In the next few of months I'm looking at moving. The exact timing is fairly flexible. I can afford to rent a much nicer place if I share with someone.  Is anyone interested? I'm looking for a compatible aquaintance/s (ie geeks), otherwise I'll stretch my budget to live alone, but 2 bedroom places are nearly as expensive as 3 bedroom ones.

I'm looking at
* a house with 3-4 bedrooms, one bedroom for me, one bedroom/study for my craft stuff (or half shared if we have compatible crafts), and of course your bedroom/s.
* General area - within in a very broad radius of mt waverley, preferably within 15m walk from a train station. Inner south eastern suburbs are too far away from the places I need to get to. Think the first few zone two stations along the train lines that go through richmond.
* Some small luxuries, eg some (not all) of:  decent heating, better than average kitchen/oven, house not falling to pieces, garage, etc
* one small step above the cheapest rent (I'd expect to pay more for using more than one bedroom)

About me:
*I have few furnishings (other than tools for cooking and sewing) and would look at getting communal furnishings to compliment any communal ones you bring. 
* I am fairly quiet, and will be at work most days.
* I enjoy cooking and would be happy to work out some trade (eg cleaning) for construction of superior freezer meals. 
* I am neither excessively neat nor messy.
* As an introvert, I like to have parties and people over, but not constantly or without warning.
* I am mildly allergic to the following items and would expect you to help minimise my exposure to them in communal areas of the house: shed cat skin, perfumes (including many spray deodorants, scented candles, incense, strongly scented shampoos, most scented cleaning products), a limited number of varieties of houseplants, surprises, excessive airbourne dust, mornings. I would expect to provide assistance with supplying alternatives for some items.

Feel free to pass this on to interested friends. If you are interested, please let me know.
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I wonder where the 12th C clothing mailing list has been mentioned today (and obviously in nice terms) such that we have a rush of subscribers.
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pitch paper envelope
tar paper envelope
history of padded envelopes
antique envelope
bitumen folder.....

I know they exist, whatever they are called, there's a filing cabinet full of them from the 1950's in morewell.
They are yellow envelopes a bit wider than A5, opens on the long side with a flap, visible at seams padded layer is filled with a fibrous layer coated in a black shinny substance that looks like tar, and crackles a little as the envelope moves. All I can find  out about is tar paper roofing material, envelopes padded with paper or bubble-wrap, plain non padded historic envelopes, and sound envelopes.  Oh, and why manilla folders are called that.

oh well, it probably doesn't matter....

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There's a personal challenge that I've been meaning to set myself for at least a year and a half, probably much longer - to enter every Kingdom A&S competition in the SCA for a year (from rowany festival to rowany festival).  Last year I was busy, and the A&S topics were uninspiring.  This year, I find the A&S topics even worse, but I'd like to actually try to do this.

For A&S competitions I like to enter if I can think of something that is on my top 50, or maybe even top 100 things's I'd like to make list.  My list is very long because I like doing so much research, and am fussy about some of my materials, so the list isn't going down very quickly.  I expect many of these might never make it into reality, but they are all things I fantasize about making.  I wrote the list, but I'm not going to inflict it on you.  Suffice it to say, there are a lot of clothing items on it (all 12th C or just into the 13th C), some homewares (12th C),  a number of pieces of narrowwares, some excuses to try a new technique, some cooking, dancing, and calligraphy stuff.   I don't object to spending a few hours making an item I don't need, it's the amount of time doing the minimum amount of research I'd be happy to put my name to (normally 10 times the making time for research based me), and learning new techniques that I won't use again I object to.

The competitions announced so far are:
May Crown 2011 (Barony of Rowany)
A cloak (any time period or style)
Tudor or Elizabethan jewellery
An item used on a hunt
Midwinter 2011 (Shire of Bacchus Woods)        
Linens (table cloths or hand towels)
A Seal of your Barony, Shire, Canton or College
Jousting equipment

I'm having awful trouble matching half of these to my list - a cloak and table linen are easy (well not easy, especially the research for the tablelinen, but pretty high on my list), but the others I'm having awful trouble, even thinking latterally to match these to items my list.

I can't think of a way to make a seal without casting or engraving, neither of which I really wish to learn in a hurry. Even if I take it to be the wax seal impression, which is on my todo list, I can't see how to make it of my group.
The only thing that might be jousing equipement I might consider making is a penon, and it's actually somewhere down around no100 on the list.
I don't want to make late period jewelry.  I do 12th C. I can't find any other elizabethan or tudor eras in other countries.
I can't think of anything useful on a hunt, other than the broadest picture of men's clothing (which is lower on my list).

Can anyone think of a lateral way to approach these that might match things on my list?  
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At the Krae Glas craft hall it became obvious that the sunshade project needs a set of standard dimensions to make a standard krae glas sunshade. And we need them written before our next sewing day. I know what was proposed, but would like to tidy a few details.

The bits that need to be the same for everyone (the standard template), in order of us to be able to chain sunshades together are:
-distance from front poles to back poles
-distance from back poles to ground
-height of poles
-attachments for poles and pegs in the 4 corners and middle sides of a to be deteremined specified minimum dimension (so poles and pegs can be shared)

Variations can be made while maintaining the standard template, so all sunshades can work together:
-dags on front edge, be they sewn on or tied to sewn on tabs
-wider sunshades are fine (although will need more poles)
-different widths of canvas can be used (eg later batches)
-extra poles across the front and back is fine
-painted or decorated canvas and/or poles
-tabs for tying on walls or banners
-poles can be single piece or slot together
-longer canvas can be used as long as the extra can be tucked under and the sunshade pegged at the same place as others on occasion
-wooden railings can be added at front

The proposed design was to make the canvas twice as long as this batches width (after a standard hem - we need to measure and specify that precidely), with half that length forming the roof and the other half forming the slant to the ground.  Proposed was two models of poles: either four 2.1m poles or two 2.1m poles and two 1.8m. We stood with the canvas held up by people playing poles of 2.1 and 1.8m height and most people were able to stand comfortably there.  The space would be fine for a family, but crowded for more than 3 adults relaxing on chairs in inclement weather, assuming walls or an adjacent sunshade to protect the sides.  Please note 1.8m and 2.1m are approximations - we should investigate what cut lengths are easily available in approximately this size and adopt that as a standard

Discussed (by me at least) was simplicity vs efficiency.
- Having a rectangle a 2:1 square is simple, and if unelaborated cannot be put up the wrong way around.
- Having poles the same height means you always have the right pole in the same spot
- Having poles the same height means it is easier to measure and cut poles initially
- Less poles is less trouble
- 2.1m is the height of the poles in the readily available basic soldiers tent design which many people showed intered in (although several seemed likely to modify the height), allowing for emergency pole substitution or a matched set of multiuse poles as long as they are of tent sturdiness.

- Having a slanted roof should shed water better, and to the back instead of over people/at the front making mud to walk in
- As most of the slanted section of the roof is not very useable except for storage, is a shorter canvas preferable?  (or does it allow the front to be dropped easier to keep things relatively dry overnight?)
- Or does a shorter canvas mean less support for the roof as the vectors are wrong.
- More poles is taughter canvas, is better water shedding ability
- Will taller poles let more weather blow in?

And the real world:
- These will be used by people who have varying knowledge of tent pitching.  Since an inefficiently pitched sunshade is still
sufficiently effective under most conditions, and in fact will save net time in all bar a bad storm, let's assume many people never learn tent mechanics.
- But they won't be group property, so it is likely that the owners will quickly learn to tell front from back, taller poles from shorter, etc.
- Canvas which is poorly pitched or poorly maintained, or just old, will sag.  Let's assume this will occur when we design the sunshades
- When less poles are used, there will be more bits between poles with bigger sags.
- So should we make the poles taller assuming that the canvas will sag? Is 30cm a resonable estimate of sag for wet canvas across a 2.6m span?
- I'm assuming 2.1m and 1.8m poles  are about equally difficult to transport (weather as single strut or segmented)

Advice is sought, especially by those with knowledge of sunshade construction and workings:
-what hasn't been considered?
-how well do equal poles work and other assumptions above?
-are these dimensions sensible? (is 2.1m too tall for a sunshade?)
-Is there anything wildly inauthentic about such a design we can avoid?
-should we go with 4 poles the same or 2 heights of poles?

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whine whine whine  I have a cold, whine whine whine jobs don't magically appear without searching for them, whine whine whine, not having proper emplyment brings back thesis non-completion nightmares, mild depression and feelings of hopelessness, whine whine, the one day a week is in a stressful situation across departments, whine whine, I need to move but can't do so in current state of underemployment, whine whine, can't sleep, can't wake, cough,cough, mummy fix life for me please.

I'm sure life will feel better when I 'm not sick, and the new financial year should bring some new emplyment opportunities through the temp agency, which should make me confident enough to apply for more jobs again, and then I can get a place where I don't have to play tetris with my ever growing piles of stuff.


This house doesn't even have a proper couch to slouch in front of the tv on.

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I know a couple of you dear readers have been experimenting with reusable mesh bags. So how has the experiment been working? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What presumed actions have to be part of your weekly habit for using these to work (other than the obvious taking them to  the shop)?

If you sewed them, what construction techniques and materials were used, and what worked or didn't?

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August will be a big month for dancing, with the Bal d'Argent locally, and St Vitas Dance Weekend in Canberra on the 29th and 30th. I had a ball at the last st Vitas, and I plan on going again and maybe arriving early and catching up with a few canberran non-sca friends.

so, planning notes for my reference and the aid of the many melbourne dancer who i hope will accompany me: (please discuss, ammend, use, propose, etc...)
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Yesterday  I was madly sneezing and exhausting my supply of hankies, with few other symptoms.  Today I dutifully stay at home to avoid spraying workmates and other than tired and a bit mentally slow, exhibit only mild symptoms, certainly not yesterday's spectacular sneezing fits.  I'm waiting for this to turn into a full blown cold (not flu, distinctly lacking several symptoms) or go away.  Back to work tomorrow I guess.

My current temp contract ends on Friday, so I'm waiting to see the next job they send is better, worse, or non existant.  I really should be tidying up my resume to send to them, but see above.

Thanks to everyone's comments I got the job app in for the job I was talking about.  6 Business days and no word, when i think they are eager for someone to start, is not a good sign.  But they promise to let everyone know the outcome when they've decided, so miracles are still possible, if unlikely.  I've sent other job apps on that day too, and but I never pinned any hopes on those ones.

I'm waiting for some oomph to send out the next batch of job apps. I've selected jobs.  My resume is shorter and better than before, I just need to tidy and write cover letters. I'm waiting to work out if I should send more applications to the uni department that hasn't replied yet - they've advertised 2 more positions (neither as attractive, but possible), one too senior and one more junior than I'd like. Maybe the temp agencies reaction to my resume will give me some clues as to what I should settle for.

I'm waiting for the heater to warm up the house a bit.  Definately no fever here, I'm consistantly cold with frosty mouse/typing hand and only cool other hand tucked that's under my cloak.

I'm waiting for the AV computer to boot up so I can watch some stored TV and do some simple handsewing and at least feel productive (one new business skirt only handsewing on waistband and hemming away from wearable.  such pretty fabric in somber grey and black - so unusual).  And it's awake, I'd best away then.........
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